The Passage of Nature

Louise Penny - The Nature of the Beast
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Dale, who worked for the Wilderness Society, which was instrumental in the passage of the National Wilderness Act, explained to GlacierHub the process for expanding wilderness protections on public lands. The land must not have any roads and must be a minimum of 5, acres. Land under considered for protection must be deemed a valuable and unique ecosystem—North Cascade National Park, for example, which hosts awe-inspiring terrain and hundreds of glaciers.

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Each of the 4 Rites of Nature are recognized as individual challenges, an opportunity for transformation, and deep reflection. Nature-like fish passes have been designed with the intent to re-connect river corridors and provide passage for all species occurring in a system. Packing lists will be sent following acceptance into the program. There is much to celebrate with the passing of this bill, and with it comes the protection and conservation of sensitive ecosystems like the glaciers of Northern Cascade National Park. Arguments for more active use and for commercial development within the parks must be rejected as inappropriate for a National River Recreation Area. Part of the application process will include conversations with parents to answer questions and assess the readiness of their son or daughter.

The process for granting wilderness status is not typically fast or easy. First, it is important to note that land turned into wilderness is not taken from the private sector.


Rather, wilderness comes from land that the federal government already possesses. What makes it wilderness, however, is added protection and restrictions of the land.

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The concept of process is often used but seldom discussed. In this book the author looks at how a process differs from a series of events, facts or even just things. The Passage of Nature is a four-piece installation based on taphonomy—the study of physical forces that integrate organic remains into a.

After the land is constituted as wilderness, the area is designated for recreation—fishing, hunting, backpacking, and finding solitude. Mechanized vehicles are prohibited. Dale said the process often starts with a small, grass-roots organization that has a substantial amount of data on federal areas. These areas are usually designated Wilderness Study Areas. There is much to celebrate with the passing of this bill, and with it comes the protection and conservation of sensitive ecosystems like the glaciers of Northern Cascade National Park. Glacier Lessons as a Glacier Lessens.

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The Conquest of Nature. It is this attitude which sees fellow humans too as a resource to be exploited, or other human communities as enemies to be conquered. There is a growing lack of sensitivity and respect for our fellow creatures. This attitude is being drilled into a child by social forces, which can only be countered by environmental education. Yet, sadly, in most cases, this is not done.

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What is done is talk about the food web and the energy cycles and ecological balance and how the removal of any element disrupts the whole system, and how this can affect human beings too. What this approach lacks is the essential interaction with Nature and with other humans. Indeed in many environmental activities, the opposite takes place. A classic example of this is making of a herbarium or even worse, an insect collection, as common in both formal and non-formal education in India. A child is often encouraged to pluck leaves and flowers and run after butterflies with a net and is part of a large group of children similarly marauding a patch of nature within it.

Group lobbies passage of Rights of Nature bill amid Duterte administration’s infrastructure push

It is even worse when the activity is also competitive, i. A lot of knowledge may be gained, but it is gained in a value system which emphasises exploitation and conquest, not sensitivity and respect. Learning under a tree, Santana rather than in a classroom, as is indeed the Indian tradition, is far more effective and long-lasting.

The alternative is to take up activities where eco-balances, ecological diversity, animal behaviour, human plurality and other such concepts and systems are introduced with the stress on their intrinsic worth. Materials, processes, living beings do not exist only for human use, but more importantly, they are worthwhile in themselves.

The Passage of Nature

A frog is as much in love with its life as the human child is with its; the feeling of the frog must be respected. The final thrust of environmental education seems to be embodied in the vital question :. If I am, what can I do to minimise the damage I am causing? Once again, the Indian tradition of ahimsa comes out as infinitely more relevant than much of what we learn in modern education.