Soil Health and Climate Change

$10 Million Effort for Soil Health, Climate Change Mitigation Launched
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Besides providing crucial plant nutrition, SOM provides soil with its structure. Soil structure is also important for being able to hold moisture whilst not waterlogging plants and retain nutrients, preventing them from being washed away completely in heavy rains. Land that has been overworked and lost much of its SOM content will have poor soil structure.

Farmers may use chemicals to replace the nutrients that have been lost from a lack of SOM but will find it difficult to provide the soil structure that is needed for plants to grow and be resilient to climate impacts. Agriculturalists have already been adopting different methods to increase SOM content and to improve soil health, as loss of SOM is also related to intensive farming practices.

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As such, many methods exist for increasing SOM in soils, many of which are easy to deploy but are yet to see the rapid adoption. These include reducing how often soil is tilled, erosion control measures, soil mulching, maintaining ground cover, rotating crops, using different crop breeds, careful timing of grazing, and diversifying plants by including trees and shrubs amongst the crops.

Soil Health and Climate Change

All of these measures seek to increase and preserve the amount of SOM in the soils. As such, they improve fertility rates, make the soil more resilient to weather events, and secure the food supply by increasing the likelihood of a good harvest year after year. Soils also have the potential to be an important carbon sink. A theoretical increase of just 0. How does climate change affect soil health and what can be done?

Soil Health Series: Drought, Climate Change, & Soils

This resource provides an introduction to the latest innovations in science and farming related to building soil health, and how implementing such practices on a wide scale basis can make agriculture a powerful force for creating a landscape that is good for our water and our climate. In contrast to industrial agriculture, what benefits does regenerative farming offer? SHP collaborates with National Corn Growers Association and more than partner organizations including commodity associations like the recently joined National Wheat Foundation, government, nonprofits and private companies. However, higher temperatures could also increase decomposition and mineralisation of the organic matter in the soil, reducing organic carbon content. Even a small action can make an enormous difference when millions of people do it! We may come to increasingly rely on this service as extreme weather events such as floods become more frequent and severe.

Why is SOM important? How can SOM be lost, and how can it be replaced? Sat, Sep 28 pm - pm.

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