Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information

Decoding Reality
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He has published more than research papers and has written two textbooks.

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Throughout his career he has held a number of visiting professorships at different international institutions. Valuable I greatly enjoyed this book. He has published more than research papers and has written two undergraduate textbooks. This book, in its entirety, hits home on the points and sums up information easy to understand by relating modern and past examples of physics. OK but rambly There are parts of this book I liked quite a lot, but other parts were weak and other sections did not tie together.

He has written for popular science journals and major daily newspapers, as well as doing extensive radio programmes and television interviews. For a physicist, all the world's information. The Universe and its workings are the ebb and flow of information. We are all transient patterns of information, passing on the recipe for our basic forms to future generations using a four-letter digital code called DNA.

In this engaging and mind-stretching account, Vlatko Vedral considers some of the deepest questions about the Universe and considers the implications of interpreting it in terms of information. He explains the nature of information, the idea of entropy, and the roots of this thinking in thermodynamics. He describes the bizarre effects of quantum behaviour - effects such as 'entanglement', which Einstein called 'spooky action at a distance' and explores cutting edge work on the harnessing quantum effects in hyperfast quantum computers, and how recent evidence suggests that the weirdness of the quantum world, once thought limited to the tiniest scales, may reach into the macro world.

How Do We Decode Reality? - Vlatko Vedral

Vedral finishes by considering the answer to the ultimate question: where did all of the information in the Universe come from? The answers he considers are exhilarating, drawing upon the work of distinguished physicist John Wheeler.


The ideas challenge our concept of the nature of particles, of time, of determinism, and of reality itself. Read more Read less. Review Let Vedral guide you skilfully through the wonderland of modern physics - where nothing is as it seems. No customer reviews.

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Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible. The information content of the universe as measured in bits or qubits. Vedral.

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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. March 7, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Klatko Vedral is a bright, agile physicist who has exerted himself to write a nonmathematical account of quantum information theory aimed at general readers. His efforts have met with a barrage of ill-tempered Amazon "reviews" that serve to remind us of why so many scientists are reluctant to compose popular books about their work.

Granted, he is not a professional writer, and the book is sometimes a bit discursive. But it is also sound, stimulating, and unflinching in its exploration of some of the deepest philosophical and scientific questions currently confronting humankind.

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Personally, I am grateful to him for writing it. Really clunky reading.

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And hard to December 13, - Published on Amazon. It's okay. And hard to focus on for long periods. May be hard to understand for a reader with little science background as the language used isn't as accessible. August 23, - Published on Amazon. The author attempts to apply scientific entropy, the tendency toward disorder in natural systems, to the made-made systems of economics and sociology.

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In so doing, he got into quantum physics and lost this reader. June 22, - Published on Amazon. To find the answer, he takes us on a guided tour through the bizarre realm of quantum physics.

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At this sub-sub-subatomic level, we find such things as the interaction of separated quantum particles--what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance. It is in quantum physics, he writes, that we really can find the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

Vlatko Vedral is one of the key researchers in quantum science. In this book, he offers a mind-bending account of this leading-edge field. Something from Nothing. Part Three. Throughout his career he hasheld a number of visiting professorships at different international institutions. He has published more than research papers and has written two textbooks.