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Users Online. Toric Geometry. International conference on Geometric Analysis dedicated to the 90th anniversary of academician Yu. Reshetnyak will take place in Novosibirsk, Russia on September , The goal of the conference is to discuss modern state and main trends of development in geometric analysis and its applications. Pansu 60 — Geometry and Analysis: celebrating the mathematics of Pierre Pansu.

University of Oxford, Mathematical Institute. The event is organised in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute. Feldman and the ninetieth anniversary of the birth of professors A. Vinogradov, A. Malyshev and B. International Conference "Morse theory and its applications" dedicated to the memory and 70th anniversary of Volodymyr Sharko The conference is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding topologist Volodymyr Sharko to commemorate his contributions to the Morse theory, K-theory, L2-theory, homological algebra, low-dimensional topology and dynamical systems.

While the role of topology in the modern condensed matter physics is difficult to overstate, and despite numerous experimental corroborations of theoretically predicted symmetry-protected topological phases such as topological insulators , most of these advances can be formulated in the language of non-interacting particles. Real-world realizations of interacting topological phases are, meanwhile, very sparse, with the fractional quantum Hall effect being a notable counterexample.

Similarly, the question of stability of topological phases at finite temperatures — a prerequisite for their experimental realizations — is poorly explored. This conference will address these and related questions. Analysis on Manifolds. This conference will bring together leading researchers from Australia and abroad working on different aspects of analysis on manifolds and more general geometric spaces. The meeting will include a variety of topics, such as partial differential equations, curvature flows, spectral theory, index theory and non-commutative geometry.

A guiding motivation at will be applications to topology, geometry and physics, and talks will highlight applications of analytic techniques to problems in these areas. This way, we aim to inspire research on new bridges between different areas of analysis, geometry, topology and physics, to foster collaboration between researchers in these fields, and to inspire the next generation of mathematicians.


TF — Dirac operators in differential geometry and global analysis. Conference in memory of Thomas Friedrich The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers from different areas in order to share different points of view and to make collaborations possible, with the ultimate aim that this will result in new connections and possibly unexpected breakthroughs. The Conference will discuss the issues of - infinite dimensional holomorphy, - topological tensor products, - Banach space theory, - operator theory, - topological algebra, - geometric and infinite dimensional topology.

The aim of the Workshop on Harmonic Analysis and Integral Geometry with Applications, Errachidia, October , is to bring researchers and professionals to discuss recent developments in both theoretical and applied mathematics, to create the knowledge exchange platform between mathematicians.

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The conference is broad-based that covers all branches of mathematical physics, Lie algebras and interdisciplinary researches. Functional and integral inequalities, Mathematical physics, Lie Algebras, Q-analogue. Workshop on birational geometry. Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium. Algebraic Geometry Symposium. Buildings, Varieties and Applications. This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to studying geometric realizations of Langlands functoriality via cycles on Shimura varieties. Spintronics Meets Topology in Quantum Materials. This conference is intended to kickstart the program "Spin and Heat Transport in Quantum and Topological Materials" which combines the fields of spintronics, quantum magnetism, topological matter, and quantum criticality.

It explores connections between the most recent experimental and theoretical progress in these areas, setting the stage for the program and establishing targets and key grand challenges. Workshop on Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics. With an eye towards the use and need for higher structures, this workshop will bring together experts in algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry, and theoretical physics to focus on common areas interacting with HMS.

Potential topics are Bershadsky--Cecotti--Ooguri--Vafa theory, shifted symplectic structures, higher Donaldson-Thomas invariants, and symplectic duality, in relation to HMS. Workshop on BPS states.

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Recent progress in the study of BPS states in string theory and in supersymmetric field theories, as well as on the theory of topological recursion, gives hints towards profound connections with the exact WKB method from the mathematical study of differential equations with a large parameter, and the abelianisation of flat connections on Riemann surfaces. The goals of our workshop are to bring together some leading experts in the field to stimulate the interactions between these lines of research, and to introduce young researchers and PhD students to attractive topics of current research with a rich potential for further developments. Supergeometry, supersymmetry and quantization. The conference will bring researchers across both the fields of mathematics and physics together in order to discuss recently developed topics, on-going work and speculative new ideas within supergeometry and its applications in physics. This event offers a unique opportunity to unite physicists and mathematicians who share a common interest in supermathematics. There will be enough time available for discussions between the participants and there will be a poster session. Supermanifolds and their generalizations e.

Algebraic geometry in Auckland. Winter Graduate School in Toric Topology. Two intensive mini-courses will be given over one week by experts on polyhedral products and toric topology. Bowie and A. Terade, Eds. Comparaison des traits de coupe des pierres et de charpente. Presses du Compagnonnage, Paris, , pp. In Stereotomy : modern stone architecture and its historical legacy, G.

Fallacara and M.

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Stigliano, Eds. Building techniques in stone in french modern architecture — In Nuts and Bolts of Construction History. Culture, Technology and Society Paris, , R. Carvais, V.

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Guillerme, and J. Sakarovitch, Eds. In Il progetto di architettura fra didattica e ricerca. Atti del primo congresso internazionale Rete Vitruvio , C. In 8th International Conference on Auditoriums Acoustics , pp. Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics Volume 33 Pt. Graphic and parametric tools for preliminary design stage of natural ventilation systems. Open and closed linear folded stripes. Pre-defined open folded stripes. In Advances in Architectural Geometry , L. Hesselgren, S. Sharma, J.

Wallner, N. Baldassini, P. Bompas, and J. Raynaud, Eds. Linear folded mesh based stripes.

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Van Mier, G. Ruiz, C.

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Andrade, R. Yu and X. Zhang Eds , Histoire de la construction et histoire des sciences. In Edifice et artifice.

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Workshop on Torus Actions in Topology. These topics will cover some of the latest advances in the subject, and will also prepare the participants for the discussion meeting which will consist of talks by well-known researchers in the field. Analysis on Manifolds. Not simply that, the online version of books are usually cheap, because publication residences save their print plus paper machinery, the advantages of which are passed on to customers. Syntax Advanced Search. Gratuit Exercices de Math Sup maths france.

Histoires constructives Paris, , R. Algorithme Architectural, entretien avec Silvan Oestrele. Construction Moderne , 23— Cahier Havrais de Recherche Historique Astonishine : proposta per il solar decathlon europe. Beni culturali, residenze, edifici specialistici a basso impatto ambientale, Gallipoli, Italy, The scientific works of Philippe de La Hire : between geometry, mechanics and architecture. Opening conference. Experimental and numerical simulation of an Iranian wind mill. Stone architecture for the future : The rebirth of historical stereotomy in a digital world.

University of Maryland, September Ventilazione naturale in architettura : strumenti parametrici di progettazione. La ventilation naturelle en architecture.

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