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She also grew up around Alex , who thought of herself as the "annoying little sister" that Clarissa always had to sneak around, and is neighbors with Ren. Around the time of Nona 's last birthday, a mutual friend of theirs was involved in a car accident, causing Nona to cancel her birthday plans so she could visit them in the hospital instead. Afterward, Clarissa still came to Nona's house with a huge birthday cake and stayed up to watch movies with her.

One year prior to the beginning of Oxenfree , Clarissa had been dating Alex's brother Michael for around three months.

at Art & Illustration · Graphic Design · Work with Me · Stores · Contact. Clarissa Long is a contemporary art jeweler from Vancouver, British Columbia. She is currently completing her final year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major.

The three of them went to Edwards Island together so they could all hang out. As Clarissa and Michael got closer to graduation they considered moving to New York together. However these plans were dashed upon Michael's untimely death, drowning while swimming with Alex, an event she holds Alex responsible for. After Michael's death, is it implied that Clarissa may have gone into therapy to help with her grief, though she claims it has not worked. Depending on the choice made by the player, the game can end in multiple ways that affect Clarissa's relationship with Alex.

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If Alex is kind towards Clarissa and chooses to spare her from the Sunken , they can make up by the end of the game. Clarissa goes on to study English literature at college and gets a dog.

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She still talks with Alex, though not often. She also gains a fear of the ocean.

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Clarissa moves to the east coast, drops out of college, and works at a boutique. During certain memory sequences in the game, Alex has the ability to convince Michael to stay in town, and thus prevent Michael from drowning later on, and can also influence his relationship status with Clarissa.

Alex giving Michael her "blessing" will allow Clarissa and him to still be in a relationship while Clarissa goes to college. Convincing Michael to break up with Clarissa will cause them to no longer be together at the end of the game. As a child, Clarissa was often in trouble for sneaking into her grandmother's fancy make-up case.

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In return for being good, her grandmother would reward her with a lipstick. This, soon, sparked a passion that would stay with her forever. After high school, Clarissa decided to follow her other passion, music.

She started in radio, doing voice-overs and hosting her own shows. Determined and diligent, she quickly worked her way up the corporate ladder, becoming a young executive in the very competitive music industry. Working at record labels gave her many opportunities. While accompanying a music artist she was working with on a photo shoot, she met world-renowned, celebrity make-up artist, Sam Fine.