Ageing and Dementia

Ageing, dementia and society – an epistemological perspective
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Memory changes

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There is a difference between memory loss as a part of normal ageing and as a symptom of dementia.

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DOI: And Innes, A. Tales of the Sea. McParland, P. The challenges of implementing and evaluating a pilot music and movement intervention for people with dementia. The international Journal of Social Research and Practice.

Smith, M. An age old problem? Estimating the impact of dementia on past human populations.

Journal of Aging and Health. Jane Murphy attending. Jane Murphy and Dr Michael Bracher attending. Report of events. Jane Murphy presenting Joanne Holmes co-presenting. Dr Michelle Heward.

Jane Murphy presenting. Her research focus is adult physical activity including studies of participation, influences, preferences, links with wellbeing, and change. Other research includes lifestyle and wellbeing surveys, interventions and program evaluations; health coaching and sleep.

click She researches in the areas of the care of older people in the health system, end-of-life care, and work-based learning. Dr Green is a clinical health psychologist. Her research focuses on understanding and managing cognitive impairments associated with cancer and cancer treatments; optimising self-management of chronic health conditions; and facilitating skill development through evidence-based teaching, training, and supervision.

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Dr Jefferies is a cognitive psychologist whose research focuses on the areas of attention, distraction, and perception. She uses behavioural, psychophysical, and physiological techniques to examine how these processes function in typical individuals and how they change with healthy ageing. He has extensive experience on cost-of-illness, economic evaluation and epidemiology of chronic disease and mental disorder. Professor Moyle's expertise is in the areas of dementia, depression and delirium.

She evaluates complementary therapies as well as new and existing technologies and their impact on reducing behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, or improving quality of life. Katrina's research program is a lecturer in the Griffith Business School. Her research expertise relates to ageing, aged care workforce, strategic human resource management, and creating sustainable intergenerational care programs. He has an active research interest in models of delirium education and is a board member of the Australasian Delirium Society.

His research focuses on Spinal Cord Injury and Neurodegenerative diseases.

Normal cognitive decline in ageing

Age-related memory changes are not the same thing as dementia. Hall, C. But, unlike people with full-blown dementia, you are still able to function in your daily life without relying on others. Smith, G. Nutrition Mental Health Ageing. Virtual navigation tested on a mobile app is predictive of real-world wayfinding navigation performance.

Mike has multiple awards for excellence in teaching and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Dr Wu is a lecturer in School of Nursing and Midwifery. Her research focuses on the areas of promoting healthy ageing, chronic disease management, and health care service in preventing hospital readmission in older adults. Find out more.